Eoin O'Callaghan

Sports Broadcaster / Writer / Storyteller


Eoin has over 10 years experience working at the highest level of sports broadcasting in Europe and North America.

Starting out as a TV sports researcher with Irish national network RTÉ, he quickly graduated to reporting and producing for various in-house television and radio shows.

Eoin moved to North America in late 2009 and provided extensive coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games for both RTE and the BBC. In June 2010, he landed a coveted hosting role with 'Fox Soccer Report', Fox Soccer's flagship TV show, broadcasting nightly across the USA, Canada and the Caribbean to over 40 million people.

He has written about sport for a range of outlets including The Guardian, The Independent and The Irish Examiner while he served as a soccer columnist for Yahoo between 2014 and 2016. He also contributes frequent essays to football magazine Eight By Eight while he's a long-time feature writer for highly-regarded Irish sports website The42.

Now based in Toronto, he released his first feature-length sports documentary, 'Celtic Soul' - which he created, executive-produced and starred in alongside his friend Jay Baruchel - to critical acclaim in late-2016. His second is currently in development.

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Adi     Eoin with 6-time Grand Slam tennis champion (and possibly the best-known Bayern Munic Fan) Boris Becker   

Kaiser    Kern

Tarnat    Sucker

Tarnat    Tarnat

Tarnat    Tarnat

Asmir    Eoin O'Callaghan