Eoin O'Callaghan

Sports Broadcaster


Celtic Soul

'Beautifully eccentric', 'very funny', 'deeply poignant', 'tender and full of warmth and wisdom', The Globe and Mail

'Funny and touching and picturesque', The Times Colonist.

'An awesome sports adventure', The Vancouver Sun

'Impactful, insightful, consistently winsome and engaging with an infectious love', Toronto Film Scene

'Charming and very pleasant', Toronto Now.

'There's a lot to love in Celtic Soul', Exclaim.

'Extremely enrapturing', Scenecreek.

After returning to Ireland from North America, Eoin sat down at his kitchen table in Dublin and put together a pitch for a historical sports documentary that concentrated on Canada's connection to iconic Scottish football team Glasgow Celtic.

At the same time, via social media, he developed an unlikely friendship with Hollywood actor Jay Baruchel (Million Dollar Baby, Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder, She's Out Of My League, This Is The End).

Eoin was aware of Jay's support for Celtic but when he learned about his Irish ancestry, it provided the possible documentary pitch with another angle given that the club was set up as a charitable deed to help Irish immigrants in the city in the late 19th century.

In late-2013, a Toronto production company, Markham Street Films, came on board and everything was ramped up. By the following year, the project had been developed into a road-trip film that takes place across two continents, three countries and centres around two friends and their shared love of a football team.

Filming began in Montreal in February 2015 and was completed in Glasgow one year later. 'Celtic Soul' had its theatrical release in Toronto in November 2016 and played for a limited time at the Ted Rogers Hot Docs cinema.

It's subsequently been accepted to a litany of festivals in cities across North America and Europe, including New York, Glasgow, Barcelona, Whistler and San Jose.

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Adi     Eoin with 6-time Grand Slam tennis champion (and possibly the best-known Bayern Munic Fan) Boris Becker   

Kaiser   Kern

Kaiser   Kern

Kaiser   Kern