Eoin O'Callaghan

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Direct from Winnipeg, 'Fox Soccer Report'

'The chemistry between McMahon and O’Callaghan is obvious, whether on the TV show or the podcast, and it’s one of the TV show’s great strengths. The Irishman and the Scotsman, needling each other about this and that. Joshing. O’Callaghan is a young Irishman who arrived in Canada two years ago. His freelance reporting from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver got him noticed and the report hired him, big ears, cheeky grin and all'

The world's best soccer show, straight from... Winnipeg?

'Across North America, every soccer fan knows these Fox Soccer Report people like family. They might not know it originates in Winnipeg. They might not know anything about Canadian Content regulations but, if they did know, they’d probably be glad that CanCon exists. I am. Never mind the cold in Winnipeg. It’s here they make the best soccer show in the world.'

Voices in his head lead Eoin to promised land

'If you're in North America and need the day's highlights from the bigger leagues around the world, this hour-long show with the well-dressed Corkman is essential viewing.'

Eoin appeared on CBC's iconic 'Q' to talk about Celtic Soul alongside his co-star Jay Baruchel.

Eoin and Jay spoke to The Canadian Press about Celtic Soul, sports fandom and what audiences can expect from the film.